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Cover Band

As they can cater to every client’s needs, Jazz Revolution is able to perform cover songs from any era at the client’s request. As music transcends time, a song covered by Jazz Revolution promises to give you that same soulful and incredible performance worthy of your event.


One might ask, “What is a cover band?” Well, a cover band, is when a band that plays songs made by other artists, so remember that tune you just can’t get out of your head? Or perhaps, you want to hear that signature melody or it’s simply that you miss the songs of  your most favorite artist? Jazz Revolution can channel all that to you and everyone in the audience no matter the genre or era of the song or type of event you invite Jazz Revolution to play in. They’ll even add that extra ingredient of elegance and soulful taste that Jazz Revolution is known for.


One might also ask, “what other reasons are there for you to hire Jazz Revolution to play cover songs as a cover band?” Well, Jazz Revolution is composed of members that all have 30 years of performing experience and the reviews about each of their performances tells a tale of a wonder-filled and incredible, soulful performance delivered by none other than Jazz Revolution. Just check out the reviews of their clients be it from weddings, birthday parties or a formal gathering.  Jazz Revolution is sure to live up to your expectations especially when it comes to cover songs.


What sets Jazz Revolution apart from the others as a cover band? There are many answers to that question as seen from the enthusiastic reviews left by the very satisfied clients, but one answer might be that Jazz Revolution isn’t just a band, they are a family, and they aren’t just performers, they are also entertainers who give their client the performance worthy of their client’s event.  

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