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Big Band

Looking for a big band to play for your sister’s wedding or perhaps you are looking for performers at the next big formal occasion that you are about to organize? Then Jazz Revolution is the one you are looking for!

Big bands, as we know them, are composed of musicians that are divided into four sections: saxophone section, trumpets section, trombones section, and a rhythm section. Jazz Revolution has them all in one exciting combination. Saxophones to bring you that sweet melody and that igniting solo part that jazz music is known for, trumpets that harmonize with the beautiful sounds, trombones to deliver to your ears that signature tune that we are all familiar with. Together along with an energetic talented drummer and a very soulful singer, Jazz Revolution is surely the one able to give you the big band performance that you have been looking for. Whether it’s for a wedding, party, or even a formal occasion, getting a big band performance from Jazz Revolution is surely one to look forward to.

As Jazz Revolution has over 95 years of performing experience collectively as each member has 30 years' worth of experience, you can rest assured that Jazz Revolution is indeed the big band that you are looking for.

Another important thing to know about big band performance is that it started during the early 1910s and dominated the jazz genre completely at the time when swing was the most popular during the 1940s. Today, the Jazz Revolution continues its legacy by providing its beloved clients with the most incredible big band performance clients have ever witnessed. Just take a look at the reviews that the collection of very satisfied clients leave, and you’ll see why Jazz Revolution is indeed perfect for gracing your event with the big band performance that you are looking for.

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