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20's Band

One might ask, “Are there still bands that play 20’s music nowadays and where can I find them?” Well, if you are near Charlotte, N.C., then you are especially lucky! This is because Jazz Revolution is here to be one of those bands that can deliver the nostalgic and wonderful sounds of the 20’s right to your doorstep or rather, right at your event.

Get ready to be swept off of your feet as Jazz Revolution brings you the music from the ’20s with the legendary songs from artists like Benny Goodman whose hits include songs such as, “Why Don’t You Do Right?”, “Gotta Be This or That”, and “Bach Goes to Town” or from another famously known artist in the 20’s such as Red Hot Peppers with their songs like, “Original Jelly Roll Blues”, “Black Bottom Stomp” or “Load of Coal”. There are much more artists coming from the 20’s era that Jazz Revolution can prepare and play for you at your special event. Simply give them your requests and Jazz Revolution will have them ready for you whenever you ask for them.

Since Jazz heavily influenced music in the ’20s, and Jazz Revolution is known for channeling that elegant and vibrant jazz vibe, you and your guests can be sure that Jazz Revolution will deliver and keep up to the promise of giving you and your audience at your event the time of your lives and make every second of it memorable.

Hence, this proves that no matter the era, or genre of music, the Jazz Revolution as a professional ensemble of great and talented musicians from a variety of backgrounds and places will be able to give to you the 20’s band performance that you are seeking for your event with, of course, an entertainer’s touch that Jazz Revolution is known for.

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