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Live Band or DJ: Which Should You Choose?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019


There are many factors to consider when deciding on the type of musical entertainment for your event.  One of the most important factors is how should the music be delivered?  Should you hire a live band or dj?  Let’s examine the options and review the pros and cons of each.


There is no doubt that a good dj can really bring a party to life.  Professional djs have a keen sense of the flow of an event.  They also often have a large catalog of music spanning all genres which allows them to easily cater to many types of events.  Djs also benefit from perfectly mixed and mastered music which allows him/her to set their levels for each song and deliver music with a consistent presence.  So why would you want anything else?  Well there are some inherent limitations to using a dj such as the visual effect factor.  Sure a dj can provide a spectacular light show, but they will always be just a person behind a computer or mixing console.   There is relatively little excitement watching someone move knobs and press buttons.  Also djs are generally stuck with the arrangements of songs that they have in their catalog.  It therefore leaves little room for creativity in song performance.


Live bands such as Jazz Revolution, offer more to an event than just playing songs.  Bands serve as a visual stimuli to guests of an event.  People are often compelled to watch a band intently while they are performing.  The guitar player screams a killer solo.  The keyboard player rips the ivories to shreds. The vocalist wales on the mic.  Watching musicians perform is just as rewarding as listening to their music.  When musicians perform, you get to observe the raw emotion of the music as it is being rendered which adds to the overall musical experience. After reading this you may decide that a live band is the way to go.  Well not so fast.  There are factors to consider with bands.  Bands can typically be more expensive because there are more people to pay.  Also bands can be a little unpredictable with different personalities.


There is no hard fast rule to whether to choose a live band or dj.  It’s really up to the event planner which direction to go.  Both options have their benefits so it’s a matter of personal preference.  Regardless … it is always a good idea to do your due diligence in vetting either option.  Be sure to interview and read reviews if available so that you make sure you get a professional that will do their job with little supervision and make your event a success.

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