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Choosing the Right Band for Your Event

Updated: Oct 14, 2019


Planning an event has it’s own challenges which include (but are not limited to) deciding the date, choosing the right venue, and whether or not to cater.  But what about the live musical entertainment?  What process do you use when choosing the right band for your event?


There are several factors to consider when choosing a band for your event.  One of the first considerations would be the type of event.   It may be somewhat obvious that a small dinner party would require a much more conservative live ensemble than let’s say a New Year’s Eve bash.  It is therefore very important to understand the event itself.  Does the event require the musical entertainment to be background, the main attraction, or both?  When deciding a band, it is important to know whether or not the band can accommodate the presence needed for the the event.


As mentioned earlier there may be a requirement for the band to serve as background music and the primary entertainment for the event.  A band that has the ability to reconfigure to fit the needs of the event at a particular point in time can be a great asset because it allows you to create different atmospheres which gives contrast to the event if desired.  A common example is a wedding reception.  There may be a cocktail hour where the event calls for light Jazz or Easy Listening music which may call for only 3-4 of the band members to play instrumental background music while the guests are mingling.  Then later in the reception after eating (and drinking), the guests may be ready to get on the floor and dance.  This portion of the reception would call for the entire band to perform more upbeat and popular cover songs.  A band that can perform both functions as in this example offers various options when planning the event.


Unless you are planning a themed event such as a “Beatles Tribute” you may want to offer a variety of musical entertainment crossing various styles of music.  When choosing the right band for your event, it is important to see if they are versed in various styles of music because your guests will most likely be diverse in their interests.  Ask about the styles of music the band performs.  Also check out any sound or video clips the band may have available.  Many bands have a song list that they publish on their website as well which gives a listing of songs that the band performs.   Use this information to select the band that provides the best style versatility for your event.


Band Testimonials are a great way to get a glimpse at how the band has performed in previous events.  If a band consistently gets high ratings, it’s a good indication that the band has high standards and aims to please the client every time.  These bands are great because they work with you in order to make your event a success.  High ratings are also an indication of the band’s skill and showmanship.  It is generally more desirable to have a band that can entertain the guests and leave them wanting more.  Professionalism and performance are key qualities that you should look for when evaluating a band for hire.


As I have illustrated, choosing the right band for your event is not a difficult process.  Care has to be taken to make sure the band fits the event being planned.  Once the match has been made, evaluation needs to be done to ensure that the band can deliver the desired entertainment for the event.  Review all audio, video, reviews, etc the band has provided and make an informed decision.

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